Watching Japanese live on TV

a) If you have Android TV box or Smart TV:
1) Download iSakura APK and install it (For one android TV box installment)
2) Input the iSakura ID
Enjoy it~!!

b) Or buy iSakura TV box:

Feature of iSakura TVBOX:
- Ethernet & Wifi option
- HDMI 1080P-4K output
Warranty is available during the service period

TVBOX Price(One off payment):
HKD300(38USD)/Unit. Sale Discount now!!

Select your local currency

  48 channels subscription 
 96 channels subscription

Please inform the email.
We'll send you the confirmation email in 5 hours.

After payment, the system will asking the shipping address.

We will send the TV box in the next day, and provide the tracking no. to you by email/ phone.

You can receive the iSakura TV box in 3-7 days.

Warranty is available during the service period 
Free shipping
First 3 days for free testing  

★3 MB download speed or higher network(AMERICA NETWORK)